How to Make the best Hookah
Posted by admin On Sat 11 Aug, 2012
Step 1 :
Start by putting ice cubes, then water in the vase, filling it 1/2 inch above the tip of the stem that goes down into the vase.
Step 2 :
Take the tobacco (sprinkle it into the bowl. Be sure to not pack it too low to the rim, nor too high. It is important to take care when loading the hookah bowl to ensure that you do not overflow the bowl. If the Shisha is too close to the top, when the coal is applied it will burn the Shisha directly causing an unpleasant smoke. Be sure to not pack the Shisha into the bowl too tightly -- This will restrict airflow.
Step 3 :
Put heavy duty only foil over the top of the bowl, shiny side down. Keep the foil tight as wrinkles somewhat distort the heat distribution. Poke about 15-20 holes with a toothpick (or anything with the same diameter..or even better get some glass screen material as a substitute and bypass the entire foil thing).
Step 4 :
Blow through the hose to clean out any dust or particles that may have settled, don't wash the hose unless you know that it is washable.
Step 5 :
Light the coal. Coals can make or break your hookah experience. Most experienced smokers enjoy the natural light coals instead of the instant-light coals. The reason being is that they ash significantly less, last longer, and do not have an aftertaste. Instant-light coals are good when the situation calls for it (i.e. No stove to light the natural lights, high winds, etc.)
Step 6 :
Place the coal on top of the foil. If the coal is circular place it around the bowl in a circular pattern around the bowl allowing the tobacco to evenly burn. Let the coals sit on top of the hookah until every coal has ash all over. Failure to do this will result in you inhaling the chemicals that make instant-lights ignite so fast.
Step 7 :
(Not a required step) Put ice in the base to make the smoke colder. Don't over fill, just enough to cover the bottom. Fill the vase with ice first, then add water. It is important to make sure that you only fill the vase slightly over 1/2" above the tip of the stem. The reason for this is because once the ice melts, the water level will drop to the desired leve
Step 8 :
(Not a required step)Sometimes you can add items in the base to change the smoke. Adding a small amount of milk (a teaspoon works [for the average sized base] will make the smoke thicker.)